Project Sparrow is the newest full-time team of student association Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering, also known as DARE. Last year the team spent time on developing an engine that does not work on solid content but on liquid fuel like ethanol or hydrogen combined with liquid oxygen.

Founded in 2001, DARE has been designing, building, and launching rockets for over 20 years and during this time they have broken the altitude record for a student build rocket multiple times! However, Project Sparrow is looking beyond

just breaking the altitude record again, the team aims to develop a rocket with the capability of going orbital in the next few years! This would be the first time a student team is even allowed to attempt such a feat and it depends completely on the motivation, endurance and sheer will power of the 40 students working on the project.

Last year the students fully focussed on building the most complex part of the rocket, the engine, which they are allowed to test at the airbase in Woensdrecht in the Netherlands. In this webinar they will tell you about their accomplishments of the last year, the challenges and disappointments they faced along the way and the crucial role of partners such as the military!


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