Customer Visit Center

We started off with a visit to the customer Visitor Center (CVC). This is the location where Philips shows its customers and partners the range of products and services. The devices and services are arranged along the Care Cycle. This is the philosophy of taking care of the “customer” during all phases of live and all phases of the disease. Starts with healthy living, proper diagnosis, treatment (hospital) and home care, etc. as shown in Fig.1.



Figure 1 Healthcare Cycle in CVC Philips Healthcare Best.

Collecting data for health

 In many cases this means collecting data to improve behavior like during toothbrushing. But also, data related to the health complaints combined with available data from comparable complaints to optimally diagnose the problem. Sometimes an operation may be needed, but we were shown the advancement of minimally invasive treatment to solve problems in a less damaging way and with faster recovery. To this end info from the analysis equipment like Ultrasound, MRI and PET etc. is combined in an easy to use way. Data plays an important role to know the ins and outs of a patient. By collecting them a model, digital twin, of the patient is defined.


Collecting data for healthcare systems

The second part of the visit was also about collecting data, but now from the healthcare systems. Mauro Barbieri, scientist at Philips Research gave a lecture on the activity to increase the availability and speed and reliability of healthcare systems by collecting data, building device models and using data science and AI. All this is enabled by the progress in parallel processing, storage technology and special data bases to be able to manage the Big Data and apply Data Science for predicting machine conditions.


 -  uur Arrival in QS, coffee and cake in canteen QS
 -  uur Group 1: presentation on Philips Healthcare in QS auditorium; Group 2: visit to the Customers Visit
 -  uur Group 1: visit to the Customers Visit Center; Group 2: presentation on Philips Healthcare in QS audi
 -  uur Pres. ‘Towards Zero Unplanned Downtime of Medical Imaging Systems Using Big Date" Dr. Mauro Barbier
 -  uur Networking with soft drinks in canteen QS