Energy Now: A sustainable energy congress

The future of the world demands a transition to a sustainable energy infrastructure. We believe this transition can be accelerated by the collaboration of professionals, researchers and students. Hence, our goal with Energy Now is to connect, inform and inspire those disciplines to initiate in the conversation about a sustainable future in an informal and interactive atmosphere.

To commence this discussion, the program of the day will provide a perfect foundation. Interactive workshops will stimulate to critically think about the challenges. The inspiring talks and plenary panel discussion will explain the topic from different perspectives. The multidisciplinary exhibition floor provides room to engage in a discussion with companies as well as the opportunity to see what they are presently doing.

We hope that with this interactive approach we enable the attendees to collaborate on the challenges of today to find the solutions for tomorrow. We are confident that together we can overcome the technical and policy-related challenges to this social responsibility, and that we can all strive for a sustainable future.

Smart Energy Distribution: connecting the sustainable future

The theme of the day is Smart Energy Distribution. Imagine a future where energy consumption and generation are perfectly balanced, a future where the appliances at home interact with the windmills on sea.

Can we realise a future where the central energy storage solutions have become a thing of the past? This is what we will be discovering in the fourth edition of Energy Now; the potential role the power grid can play in the sustainable energy transition.

During the event, exciting topics as the internet of energy, smart grids, decentral power storage and local energy exchange will be covered. Additionally, we would like to introduce you to the opportunities regarding the transmission and transport of energy on not only a local, but also on a regional and international level. We know how to generate it and we know how to use it. Let’s see how we can intelligently distribute it and connect them both.

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Arash Aazami (Kamangir) 

Gineke van Dijk (TenneT)

Susanne Nies (ENTSO-E)



Team Energy Eindhoven (TU/e)

Naam en contactgegevens voor informatie

Dr.Ir. Steven Luitjens Member of the Royal Netherlands Engineering Society, department Electrical Engineering, Team EnergyNL2050 (see

Congress Energy-Now 2019

Impression Energy Now 2016, 2017 en 2018

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 -  uur Inloop
 -  uur Plenaire ochtend sessie: met dagvoorzitter Talitha Muusse
 -  uur Spreker Arash Aazami (Kamangir) en spreker Gineke van Dijk (TenneT)
 -  uur Koffiebreak
 -  uur Workshop ronde 1
 -  uur Beursvloer en lunch
 -  uur Workshop ronde 2
 -  uur Beursvloer en koffiebreak
 -  uur Plenaire ochtend sessie: met spreker Susanne Nies (ENTSO-E)
 -  uur Beursvloer en borrel