Energy Now: A sustainable energy congress

The world is facing a major problem, with energy production still largely reliant on fossil fuels and non-renewable energy sources.  The energy transition, the pathway along which we replace this fossil-fuel based system, is a major challenge by itself and takes place on multiple scales and intertwined networks of smaller systems. To aid in this challenge, Energy Now provides an opportunity to connect students, young professionals, and seasoned experts to discuss and exchange thoughts about these challenges.

To get the discussion going we are organising a day-long program, with interactive workshops, keynote speakers and a panel discussion. The workshops will follow different formats, from 3-hour in-depth problem-solution based workshops, to quick exploratory 45-min rounds. During the lunch break attendees are free to roam about the exhibition floor where the company stands offer a more personal interaction.

With this interactive approach and variety of workshop options we aim to spark both thorough and broad discussions, where you can collaborate and connect with fellow enthusiasts. This way we can work together towards the sustainable solutions of the future for the problems we face today.

The Urban Energy Systems of the Future

This year’s topic is all about the energy systems of the future. Yes, we need to transition into a new energy system, but how will we get there and what will this new system look like? These questions will be explored during the congress along 4 themes: Digitalization, decentralisation, decarbonization and human capital. If you want to know what exactly these 4 themes are, how they can be implemented, want to exchange your thoughts on it, or simply are interested in the energy transition: come visit the congress in the Philips stadium.

Participants and cost (Registration is open)

Energy Now is an event by Team Energy, a student team of the Eindhoven University of technology that provides the knowledge, network and means to engage in the energy transition.

For more information and registration (for KIVI members free of charge):


 -  uur Opening by host & Introduction
 -  uur Keynote speaker #1
 -  uur Coffe break
 -  uur Workshops round #1
 -  uur Lunch break & Exhibiton Floor
 -  uur Workshops round #2
 -  uur Coffee break
 -  uur Keynote Speaker #2
 -  uur Panel Discussion: The future of Grid
 -  uur Drinks