Report from Symposium Fontys Engineering Physics.

The Applied Natural Sciences research group of Fontys is taking care of education and research in the field of Physics (Technische Natuurkunde (TN)), Chemistry and Life Sciences. The Applied natural Sciences research group actively cooperates with companies and other knowledge institutions in various research projects. It is organized in 6 “Special Interest groups” (SIGs). The symposium is organized to show the results of projects carried out by student teams of Fontys Engineering in the 6 months of a semester. This year’s projects mainly originate from the SIG “Detection & Measurement”. The research lines in this SIG are Acoustics, Photonics, Medical Technology and Creative Physics.

Intro and opening

Ellen Moerman (Fontys) introduces the topics and opens the session.

Figure 1 Symposium opening, Ellen Moerman (Fontys)

New home

Next Martijn van Schalkwijk (Fontys) gives an update on the status of the new housing of the department. Currently the renovation of the Rondom building (formerly TNO) on the TU/e campus is almost completed. After a move during the holidays the department will start at that location. Close to their university counterparts and knowledge institutes (DIFFER etc..).

Electrochemistry and energy transition

In an enthusiastic presentation Peter Thüne (Fontys, Lector Solar Fuels) explains the need for the energy transition and the role Fontys can (and should) play in shaping the technologies for Solar Fuels. An excellent topic for the Brainport region!! A collaboration project with DIFFER, Nuoryon, syngaschem bv and DOMICRO has been defined to develop the fabrication of the next generation catalyst electrodes. Some of the actions have already started and he urges the students to join in and contribute to the energy transition.

Figure 2 Project with DIFFER, reviving electrochemistry at Fontys.

Nominated projects

Four projects have been nominated for the Fontys KIVI-award.

1 – Characterisation of a Laser Diode Chip

Goal project: Measurement setup for laser diode produced by VTEC. Measuring radiance, wavelength shift over voltage.

2 - Stress related repetitive movements, Developing a monitoring method for stress related repetitive movements

Goal project: Use data processing (ML) to recognize stress related movements.

3 – Realisation of a readout system for a gamma radiation unit

Goal project: Next step in design of y-radiation detection/characterization system for Maastricht UMC.

4 – Creating an ultrasound Doppler phantom of a carotid artery

Goal project: Creating an ultrasound Doppler phantom of carotid artery for education of ultrasound users.

The winner

The KIVI jury reviewed the report of the projects, critically listened to the project presentation by the student teams and interacted with the team after their presentations on technical questions and teamwork related issues. All the nominated projects were of great quality, but only one can win.

The jury decided to award the project

Creating an ultrasound Doppler phantom of a carotid artery

Carried out by: Steven Frankowski, Fadhly Sukawidjaja, Jesse Roomer, Daan Rabelink and Daan Gussen.

Congratulation with the Fontys KIVI AWARD!!

Figure 3 The winning Fontys student team

Project summary

The project created a phantom which can be used for measuring the blood flow in the carotid artery in the human neck. The phantom is a device which simulates a part of the body and enables testing and excercising with an ultrasound scanner.The phantom is meant for the education of students of the Medical Imaging and Radiotherapeutic Techniques of Fontys. The challenge is to find the right material for the phantom. Also the blood vessel has to be shaped properly and, morever, the right replacement fluid for blood has to be pumped in a laminar flow through the artery. Much effort was spend to get a proper phantom from silicon without disturbing bubbles. And a special pump was created out of a syringe with a stepper motor to mimic the pumping action from the heart. And all in close collaboration with the (internal) customer.


Figure 4 The Ultrasound image of an artery in the silicon phantom

KIVI jury:

The jury consisted of: E. Persoon, J. Vleeshouwers and S. Luitjens


Fontys Hogescholen

"Rondom" building at TU/e campus:


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 -  uur Welkom door dagvoorzitter: Ellen Moerman
 -  uur Nieuwbouw spreker: Martijn van Schalkwijk
 -  uur Special Interest Group Spreker: Lector Peter Thüne
 -  uur Introductie presentatie schema: Dagvoorzitter Ellen Moerman
 -  uur Ronde 1: presentaties van de projectgroepen
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