We are very pleased to announce the annual Agile for Excellence conference 2017 at Leiden University - Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs. The event will take place on: Thursday, 26 OCTOBER 2017. The programme is dedicated to the theme:

Agile Ecosystems – How to create shared purpose in an ever changing world?

Our programme features parallel workshops that will give you concrete examples from practice that will help you apply ecosystem thinking in contact with (partner) organisations. The keynote speakers will give you insights from the perspectives of the public and private sectors and academia. The event is organised in collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Uitvoeringsorganisatie Bedrijfsvoering Rijk (UBR), and CA Technologies.

Why should you attend?
Do we compete or collaborate? Digitalisation creates ever-new connections and opportunities across legal, business, and cultural entities – yet also new problems, such as scarcity of (IT) talent and cybersecurity threats. The problems in a digitalised, networked world need solutions that depend on active participation by different organisations. However, both alignment to a common purpose and sharing of assets have their limits. What are the rules of engagement, how to create a win-win in an ecosystem, and what are the leadership competencies required?

Curious what that looks like? For the conference we are expecting about 300 practitioners, change agents, and researchers from the public as well as the private sector. You can find videos from previous conferences on our website here, and pictures from last year's event here, and our 360° impression video here (watch on a VR headset or enabled mobile phone).

For the programme and further information regarding the event: see the link below.


Cara Antoine (Microsoft), Ard-Pieter de Man (VU Amsterdam), Mirko Kleiner (Flowdays), Rutger Cobben (CA Technologies), Ben Kuipers (Leiden University), and Frits Bussemaker (CIONET).


Leiden University - Campus The Hague

Wijnhaven Building, Turfmarkt 99, 2511 DP Den Haag



Leiden University - Campus The Hague

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