This event will be hosted both online and offline.

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Offline Location: 
Royal Institute of Engineers (KIVI), Prinsessegracht 23, 2514 AP Den Haag

JOIN US for the last session of the KIE AI series!

Artificial Intelligence has significant importance in medical imaging with the benefits of improved accuracy in identifying and acting on abnormalities, reduced workload and medical errors for the health professionals and detection of the critical diseases. KIVI International Engineers is looking forward to facilitating this event for an interactive discussion about the current applications of artificial intelligence in medical imaging and how it would contribute to the future of healthcare. Our speakers will share their valuable insights based on their innovative and international projects from the corresponding developments in the academy and industry.

This event will be finalized with delicious drinks and snacks to connect with and inspire each other!


Speaker: Dr. Anna Nikiel, from Teledyne Dalsa B.V.
Presentation Title: The role of AI in the future of Healthcare. What are the pros and concerns?

Abstract of the Presentation:

The sustainability of the Netherlands' health- and social care system is likely to become an even bigger issue in coming years, given funding constraints, increasing demand due to an ageing population, workforce shortages and changes to the quality and productivity of care.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are already reshaping healthcare, and their use is becoming a reality in many medical fields and practices. During the talk we will explore how AI and machine learning enable healthcare stakeholders and medical professionals to identify healthcare needs and solutions faster with more accuracy, using data patterns to make informed medical or business decisions quickly. We will also address some of the concerns also on the horizon surrounding machine diagnosis and privacy.

About Dr. Anna Nikiel:

Anna Nikiel is an experienced strategic Business Developer, with a special interest in the medical market. She has led business development at various photonics organizations, currently working on expanding the medical portfolio at Teledyne.  

After 10+ years in academic research (Applied Physics), Nikiel switched to a career in the healthcare industry. She began her industrial career at Royal Philips Electronics in the Intellectual Property Department. She has also worked on the creation of next-generation technologies and innovative products that contribute to society's grand challenges at Accenture Digital.


Speaker: Prof. dr. Marcel Worring, UvA & ICAI
Presentation Title: Multimodal Analysis of Chest X-Rays

Abstract of the Presentation:

In this presentation we will consider several methods for analyzing Chest X-Rays in which we will not only look at the image itself but also employ the accompanying electronic health record containing the expert opinion. Our multimodal deep learning based networks perform two tasks in this setting. First, classify the image into one of the candidate diagnoses and second trying to automatically create a complete report. We will elaborate on the underlying deep learning methods and show what the methods are capable of and also what they cannot do.      

About Prof. dr. Marcel Worring​:

Marcel Worring is a full professor at the Informatics Institute of the University of Amsterdam. He leads the MultiX group where they study multimedia analytics by developing AI techniques for getting the richest information possible from the data (image/video/text/graphs) interactions surpassing human and machine intelligence, and visualizations blending it all in effective interfaces for applications in health, forensics and law enforcement, cultural heritage, urban livability, and social media analysis.  In addition he is one of the scientific directors of the AI for Medical Imaging Lab


 -  uur Opening by KIVI International Engineers
 -  uur ¨The role of AI in the future of Healthcare. What are the pros and concerns?¨ by Dr. Anna Nikiel
 -  uur ¨Multimodal Analysis of Chest X-Rays¨ by Prof. dr. Marcel Worring
 -  uur Networking drinks