This event will be hosted both online and offline.

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Offline Location:
Royal Institute of Engineers (KIVI), Prinsessegracht 23, 2514 AP Den Haag


Please note that parking at the parking spots on Prinsessegracht Street is limited to a maximum of 2 hours. If you park for more than 2 hours, there is a Q-Park Malieveld located across from the main entrance.

JOIN US to learn more about the future of transportation!

As KIVI International Engineers, we are looking forward to hosting you at our second event of 2023!

First, we will welcome you with warm and delicious pizza to meet and greet! Then we will host an interactive session about Delft Hyperloop, a dream team from TU Delft, which is busy with the implementation of the Hyperloop system by building a pod and track that demonstrates the full-scale potential of the Hyperloop technology at the European Hyperloop Week competition in Edinburgh

We will listen to three presentations from three members of the team about this technology and its applications, and potential in transforming the transport industry. The event will be finalized with a Q&A with the three speakers!

More info about the team:

Inspired by Elon Musk's vision, a group of students from the Delft University of Technology joined together and founded Delft Hyperloop in 2016. Delft Hyperloop is developing a climate-neutral, scalable hyperloop system, becoming the fifth mode of transportation by reaching speeds over 1000 km/h. 

From September 2022, they as Delft Hyperloop VII are working towards an exciting challenge: winning the European Hyperloop Week (EHW). They will build upon six years of successful experience and multiple great performances in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition & the European Hyperloop Week.

This year, one of their goals is to work on developing a fully levitating pod, which is a crucial step towards finalizing the Hyperloop concept. Furthermore, their focus will be on optimizing the magnetic propulsion by altering last year's pod to make it more scalable.


Speaker: Umika Bhagole
Presentation Title: Intro and general introduction Delft Hyperloop

Abstract of the Presentation:

Delft Hyperloop is a Dream Team from the TU Delft. The team consists of 40 highly motivated and ambitious students who design, build and demonstrate a hyperloop prototype in just one year. In this presentation, it will be explained what the hyperloop is, where the idea comes from and how Delft Hyperloop was founded. What have the past teams been doing and what are the challenges this year and the years ahead? 

About Umika Bhagole​:

Umika Bhagole is the Team Captain of Delft Hyperloop 07. She has a bachelor's degree in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management. This year she has the final responsibility for the entire project and all the team members.


Speaker: Guillermo Van
Presentation Title: Technical details of Delft Hyperloop design

Abstract of the Presentation:

This year Delft Hyperloop has designed and built an entirely new hyperloop prototype. This very complex piece of engineering will be explained by the Chief Engineer, who knows all the details of this year's pod. He will explain how our new electromagnetic motor works, how we are able to fully levitate for the first time and much more! 

About Guillermo Van:

Guillermo Van is the Chief Engineer of Delft Hyperloop 07. He has a bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering. As the chief engineer he has the overview of all the technical subsystems and makes sure that they are all integrated perfectly.


Speaker: Twan Terpstra
Presentation Title: Thermal control of a full-scale hyperloop pod

Abstract of the Presentation:

There are a lot of things that need to be taken into account when the hyperloop would eventually be implemented. A thermal management system in a near vacuum environment is one of these things. The full-scale engineers from Delft Hyperloop research what this would look like, because what can be done with all the heat that is generated by the pod? In this presentation, the process and results from this research are presented. 

About Twan Terpstra:

Twan Terpstra is one of our full-scale engineers and researches the implementation of the hyperloop on a full scale. He has a bachelor's degree in Applied Physics and uses all this knowledge to research the thermal management system of a full-scale hyperloop pod.



 -  uur Pizza service
 -  uur Opening by KIVI International Engineers
 -  uur Intro and general introduction Delft Hyperloop (Umika)
 -  uur Technical details of Delft Hyperloop design (Guillermo)
 -  uur Thermal control of a full-scale hyperloop pod (Twan)