This event will be hosted both online and offline.

Online Teams meeting: Please check your email after registration.

Offline Location:
TMC, HTC 96, 5656 AG Eindhoven


The closest parking is High Tech Campus P9, 5656 AE Eindhoven. It’s about 2-min walking to TMC.

JOIN US to learn more about System Design & Management.

As KIVI International Engineers, we are looking forward to hosting you at our third event of 2023, at TMC which is located at the beautiful High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. This is also the second time we will host an event at TMC.

First, we will welcome you with warm and delicious pizza to meet and greet! Then we will host an interactive workshop on ‘Organizational + Product Design’, with a facilitator from MIT’s System Design and Management (SDM) program. The intent is to broaden awareness about the SDM program within the Netherlands.

This workshop is designed to be hybrid-friendly, so people can join both offline and online. Offline participants do need to bring their own laptops. The workshop is not “listen only”, every participant is expected to contribute to the discussion, and participants will work in teams a couple of times during the workshop.

After the workshop, there are networking drinks for people to interact and socialize.

About MIT’s System Design and Management (SDM) program:

MIT SDM program started 26 years ago to educate future technical leaders in architecting, engineering and designing of complex products and systems. It’s oriented towards mid-career professionals and executives about to become senior leaders of their enterprises.

Abstract of the workshop ‘Organizational + Product Design’:

Products are created by organizations and processes, but how can we represent all the connections happening among all three domains? During this workshop you will learn about Design Structure Matrices, a simple way to abstract the elements and connections of systems and that can help you create an overview of your operating environment to make more strategic decisions. You will put the theory into practice with examples from all three domains and we will finish the workshop discussing how to bring everything together.

About Ignacio Vazquez (workshop facilitator):

Ignacio Vazquez works as Director for Industry Relations at MIT SDM program. In this role, he orchestrates multiple initiatives to engage SDM’s corporate and alumni networks, both in the US and abroad. He is also responsible for SDM’s Graduate Certificate in System and Product Development. Before joining MIT, Ignacio was an Employeneur at TMC’s Data Science cell for five years.


 -  uur Walk in
 -  uur Pizza service!
 -  uur Opening by KIVI International Engineers
 -  uur Short introduction about TMC (the host) and MIT SDM
 -  uur SDM workshop, with 10-min break in between
 -  uur Networking drinks