Delivering the first Blue Essence Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV) project in Europe: From strategy to reality

Today’s businesses are increasingly focused on making a positive impact on society. Management teams are tasked to transform their businesses to become more sustainable, connected and socially engaged. In the offshore industry these trends translate predominantly to a focus on footprint reduction, quicker decision-making and wellbeing of (offshore) staff. Innovations involving remote control and autonomy are considered to be key enablers to achieve these ambitions and will play a vital role in supporting this transition. Fugro decided to embrace this transition and aims to be a frontrunner in the space of commercially ready remote and autonomy solutions for its clients in the offshore industry.

The presentation will give KIVI members an overview of Fugro's strategy in this domain, the implementation challenges and design considerations of their uncrewed vessels and underwater robots.

Speakers: Lex Veerhuis (Commercial Manager USV and Remote Working) and Igor Dorrestijn (Principal Engineer Robotics)

* Sandwiches beforehand and drinks afterwards are offered with the compliments of Fugro.
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* For non-members -if seats are still available- registration opens at 9 February 2023.
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