Vision technology combined with machine learning and robotics for optimal product tracking and handling

Serialisation is a known term within the pharmaceutical market, applied to allocate unique features and codes to the smallest quantity of a product (i.e. medicine). The purpose of serialisation is to be able to track and trace these codes, and associated data, across the entire production, marketing and sales and logistics process. In the pharmaceutical market, serialisation is a requirement that has to be met by law. All pharmaceutical companies are obliged to meet the specific legislation in order to prevent fraud with medicine, counterfeit products and to warrant patient health and safety.
With serialisation, full transparency and track and traceability is obtained throughout the value chain including end customers and consumers. To comply, a set of stringent requirements have to be met including safe and authentic data management and the assurance that no human intervention in the production process can influence the output.

Leveraging the trend of serialisation, the company Beltech, which is active in the development of machine vision, machine learning and robotics, sees additional advantages for using automated optical systems to safeguard assembly and production processes. Besides the application within the pharmaceutical market, and increasing need is identified within other markets to apply similar applications of serialisation. This trend combined with the possibilities of cutting edge technology provides increased transparency for all stakeholders and at the same time increased flexibility of the operational processes. Exactly what Industry 4.0 is all about.
If you want to hear how vision technology combined with machine learning and robotics can (indirectly) safeguard our lives.
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Richard Vialle, Managing Director Beltech / CCO One of A Kind Technologies


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