Equal Table
29 september 2023
18:30 uur - 21:30 uur

EqualTable@HomeComputerMuseum. From Then To Now: Growing Up With Computers

Nowadays we are constantly interacting with computers like our smartphones, tablets notebooks or personal computers and it’s hard to imagine a life without them. If you ever wondered how the early personal computers looked, or if you want to go back in time and play with the computer you had many decades ago: Here's your chance!

YKE Noord-Brabant
5 t/m 9 oktober 2023

EYE 51st conference in Skopje 2023

We are excited to announce that European Young Engineers will be celebrating its 51th conference in Skopje, North Macedonia this year!

YKE Outside The Netherlands
25 oktober 2023
09:15 uur - 17:00 uur

Center for Wireless Technology Eindhoven (CWTe) 2023 Research Retreat

The yearly CWTe 2023 has organized the 14th Center for Wireless Technology Eindhoven (CWTe) “Research Retreat” symposium on wireless technology. You will be updated on new wireless developments and trends, and you will be able to network with other professionals in wireless technology.

TC Noord-Brabant
Logo Preciesiebeurs 2023
Embedded Systems
15 t/m 16 november 2023

Precision Fair 2023

Precision technology has rapidly evolved into the stable foundation of many devices and components around us. It is no wonder that precision technology forms one of the pillars of the Dutch knowledge and innovation economy. However, the limit has not yet been reached. Meeting, collaborating, and sharing knowledge are indispensable to keep up with rapid technological advancements. For 21 editions, the Precision Fair has brought together the entire value chain to collaborate on the next generation of technological innovations

EL Noord-Brabant