This is a joint activity organized by KIVI Electrical Engineering and KIVI International Engineers.

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR) applications at ASML.

ASML’s next-generation extreme ultraviolet lithography machines achieve previously unattainable levels of precision, which means chips can keep shrinking for years to come.
A $150 Million Machine Keeping Moore’s Law Alive.

ASML is an innovation leader in the semiconductor industry. ASML provides chipmakers with everything they need: hardware, software, and services to mass produce patterns on silicon through lithography.

ASML produces one of the most complex and sensitive instruments in the industry operating at very high accuracies and extreme air purity.

The complexity of ASML machines means that even the best customer support engineers need help occasionally from remote experts from the headquarter in the Netherlands. Whenever needed, these experts fly to site and work side by side with local engineers.

When COVID-19 hit and travel bans were instituted, AR technique was implemented to continue to bring this expertise to the field. With AR devices, the local engineer and the expert can see the same thing. The expert can share schematics and detailed information, highlight areas of key importance and guide the local engineer through troubleshooting and performing service actions. As a result, experts can support the field engineers from wherever they are.

Besides field support, VR and AR are also used in Development & Engineering and the training process (Field Service Engineers and Factory Engineers). Demonstrations will be shown during this visit.

  • We will meet at the reception of Building 7, please find the route description here:

  • Max number of participants is 50

  • Bring your ID or passport 

  • If you come by car or motorcycle, please provide your license plate number during registration

  • Registration will be closed by Wednesday, January 10th 2024 (ASML policy is to register group visit two weeks in advance)

  • This visit is only open to KIVI members and is free of charge

Enjoy your visit to ASML


 -  uur Welcome in the Plaza with coffee/tea and pie
 -  uur Visit to Experience Center
 -  uur Introduction to AR and VR and their applications at ASML
 -  uur Demo AR
 -  uur Demo VR
 -  uur Additional Q&A in the Experience Center
 -  uur Drinks in the Plaza