NEON (New Energy and mobility Outlook for the Netherlands) is a research program addressing three societal challenges: climate action, renewable energy, and smart & sustainable transport.

Auke’s lecture will explain how the NEON program researches the transition to zero emission energy and mobility from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

As it turns out, solar, wind, electric mobility and hydrogen can go a long way (all the way?) towards replacing fossil fuels.


Eindhoven Institute for Renewable Energy Systems kindly invites you to join this EIRES Lunch lecture online on Friday 23 September 2023 | 12h00 - 13h00(CET).

This online lunch lecture is organized by Lisanne Havinga / Guus Pemen - TU/e |Principal scientists EIRES | Focus Area System Integration

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12h00 - 12h05
by Lisanne Havinga - TU/e | EIRES

12h05 - 12h35
Titel:lighting the way to zero emission energy and mobility
by Auke Hoekstra NEON Director research at Eindhoven University of Technology

12h35 - 12h55
Questions & Answers
led by Lisanne Havinga / Guus Pemen- TU/e | EIRES

12h55 - 13h00
Wrap up & Announcements
by Mark Boneschanscher - TU/e | EIRES


Auke Hoekstra is an academic researcher at the Eindhoven University of Technology. He is also the initiator and director of the NEON research program and founder of ZEnMo Simulations.

Both model how we can quickly transition away from fossil fuels using a bottom-up agent-based methodology that respects individual freedom, heterogeneity, and technological learning.

He is informally known as “debunker in chief” on twitter, where he often corrects misinformation about electric vehicles.

Target audience

EIRES Lunch lectures are open for anyone interested in the latest developments in energy storage and conversion.

Different keynote speakers from academia and industry will present their views, solutions and outlooks on the topic. The lectures leave plenty of room for discussion. We value your input. Looking forward meeting you!