The trade fair for the entire precision technology value chain

This is the Precision Fair

Precision technology has rapidly evolved into the stable foundation of many devices and components around us. It is no wonder that precision technology forms one of the pillars of the Dutch knowledge and innovation economy. However, the limit has not yet been reached. Meeting, collaborating, and sharing knowledge are indispensable to keep up with rapid technological advancements. For 21 editions, the Precision Fair has brought together the entire value chain to collaborate on the next generation of technological innovations.

Five main topics

As a visitor, you will acquaint yourself with experts and explore solutions in the following topics:

  • Mechatronic Engineering & Systems

  • Metrology

  • Vacuum & Clean

  • Micro Processing & Motion

  • Laser & Photonics

  • Production for high precision

Meet over 330 top players in precision technology

At the Precision Fair, you will meet over 330 exhibitors from the entire precision technology value chain: from industry leaders to educational institutions, government agencies, technical universities, and incubator programs. The collaborations of the Precision Fair with Big Science projects, as well as with large international OEMs, have also generated a significant number of business opportunities and continue to do so.
This makes the Precision Fair the annual meeting moment for anyone involved in production, research, and development in the high-precision range.

Network arena: the vibrant heart of the exhibition floor

The Dutch high-tech and manufacturing industry is characterized by its entrepreneurial spirit and unique knowledge and networking culture. These characteristics are essential for innovation, staying ahead, and addressing current challenges. Much knowledge resides within companies, as well as knowledge, education, science, industry, and network organizations, and the government. It is all the more important to have places where you can easily meet each other and share knowledge. For the precision technology value chain, the Precision Fair is that place. And to better facilitate networking and knowledge sharing, you will find the Networking Arena in the vibrant heart of the exhibition floor. Here, you can connect with over 20 leading universities, scientific programs, industry associations, knowledge and network organizations. And on the live stage, you will hear the visions of industry experts. The premise is simple: by joining forces, we achieve more than we can alone.

Info & Registration

For more info and registration for your free visit, see the Precision Fair website.