PV(T) everywhere to maximize energy harvest in build environment:

Solar Energy
On our way to a CO2 free energy supply, renewable energy will play a key role. One of the important options is solar energy. Solar panels absorb light and generate electricity through the Photo Voltaic (PV) effect. Solar collectors absorb heat. Both can help us in providing energy! Some panels are even a combination of PV and solar thermal, called PVT

Building Integrated PV (BIPV)
To produce enough energy large areas of solar panels should be used. Not only on the roofs with the type of panels we use today. Many surfaces of the build environment should contribute, especially in a densely populated area as the Netherlands.

Performance test site SolarBEAT
This event will show the status of Building Integrated solar energy (BIPV) and the test site SolarBEAT of BIPV (and other) solar systems located on the Vertigo building of the TU/e. The experiments on the roof of the TU/e building are a joint project of SEAC (Solar Energy Application Center) and the TU/e.

SolarBEAT is equipped with a weather station and dedicated network of sensors for irradiation, temperature, energy yield and many more. This enables a detailed analysis of the performance of the solar panels and special BIPV elements. These data are used to improve the panels and to provide input for performance models and techno-financial modeling.


Roel Loonen (PhD building performance group at TU/e, Eindhoven)

Roland Valckenborg (SEAC, SolarBEAT, Eindhoven)


Vertigo building, TU/e campus Eindhoven

Den Dolech 2, 5612 AZ Eindhoven



TU/e en SEAC

Naam en contactgegevens voor informatie

ir. Steven Luitjens 06 46 72 66 89

SolarBEAT on Vertigo Building

Faculty Build Environment

Building Physics and services

Smart Cities program

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