KIVI Students' main goal is to connect all engineering students in The Netherlands to our broad KIVI network to start you off with a successful career!

Over the years, KIVI has grown into a substantial network of not only individual members, but also: schools, universities, tech companies, research institutions, sister associations & government. That is what makes KIVI a valuable knowledge network where you can share information, gather useful tech news and get tips & tricks from peers or coaches to make your career a successful one. KIVI has all the tools to make it easy for you to profile yourself, make yourself visible and to give you the opportunity to do something great for society. Every member uses KIVI differently, but what we do have in common, is that we all love engineering.

The KIVI Students department was officially renamed from KIVI Students Twente, the last local KIVI Students department. Since June 14th, 2021 KIVI Students has become a national department for students. This gives you the opportunity to grow your network on a national level (instead of regional), get in touch with peers from other (applied) universities and gain national administrative experience.

KIVI Students keeps the local feel on (applied) universities by still providing the opportunity to start a section on your own (applied) university. The sections will have a strong bond with the national department by appointing a delegate from their section to the national KIVI Students department board. This delegate will update the fellow KIVI Students board members on the latest news from their (applied) university - challenges or achievements - and help the local section with their activities. The aim is to have a board member from every (applied) university of technology within the Netherlands. For more information on the current board, go to Board. Are you a student of an (applied) university of technology and would you like to join the board, send us an email.