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Four categories, one winner...are you up for a challenge to make our energy transition even greener? KIVI students invites all engineering students to participate in the Engineer The Future competition. Your hard work will be rewarded with a grand prize and national fame!

In this national competition, KIVI students encourages you to help our society by contributing to sustainable wind turbine blades. You can participate in one of four categories: design, materials, repurposing or recycling. These categories will help you find the best fit for your discipline. Are you studying Building Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Industrial Design or another technical study? You can be a part of Engineer The Future.

You are not alone! KIVI students helps you with masterclasses on all of these categories.

With Engineer The Future you have the chance to broaden your knowledge, expand your network and ensure that you can present your project to our professional jury. The winner of Engineer The Future will receive a grand prize and national fame!

Join the Engineer The Future competition and win!

Join the Engineer The Future competition and win!
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