Meet the Board!

Meet the board of KIVI Students! A group of dynamic student engineers from all disciplines dedicated to become better engineers while simultaneously sharing their enthusiasm with other engineers during all stages of their careers!

Meet Pim van Beeck, who started as the chairman but later transitioned to become the Treasurer when he went on an internship in Lisbon, Portugal. Pim is a student at Delft University of Applied Science and has been a board-member of KIVI-Students for 1.5 years. You might recognize him from Navingo podcast, "Engineering the Future" where he shares insights and knowledge alongside fellow board member Jasper Quaak.

Meet Kevin Haest, the Chairman of KIVI Students. Kevin is an Electrical Engineering student at Avans Breda and has been a member of KIVI for a year. Despite managing his own company Circulair Flush and founding the parent study association of AVANS Breda, Kevin dedicates his time to KIVI Students. He recently established valuable connections with SEAL and played a significant role in arranging the Drinks and Bites lecture in Maastricht.

Jasper Quaak serves as the External Affairs officer for KIVI Students. With a BSc in Biology and continuing a master at the WUR. Jasper has been a board member for 1.5 years. Beyond his role in KIVI, he is also an active board member in his rowing association. Jasper's primary focus is to expand the organization's network, and he recently orchestrated a successful business excursion to VDL.

Rafay Azam Uddin takes on the position of Promotional Manager for KIVI Students. As a student of Mechanical Engineering, Rafay is our newest addition to the board, responsible for managing the organization's social media presence. With his innovative ideas and impressive promotional posts, Rafay has significantly increased KIVI's exposure on social media. Check our Instagram out here!

Currently, the board is in search of a new Secretary. Ayoub Saleh, the previous Secretary, had to step down due to school and other commitments. Ayoub was a beloved and valuable member of the team, contributing a clear vision for KIVI Students and providing crucial support to the entire board. If you believe you have the passion and dedication to fulfill this role, don't hesitate to let the board know!

Together, this enthusiastic and committed board strives to make a positive impact on the engineering community, fostering growth, knowledge-sharing, and networking opportunities within KIVI Students.

We are always looking for new board members! Please let us know if any of these (or other) roles make you enthusiastic about joining!

Ayoub Saleh Secretary
Fadhl Nizar Treasurer
Jasper Quaak Commissioner Events
Kevin Haest Chairman / Commissioner External Relations
Pim van Beeck Treasurer
Syed Azam Uddin Rafay Board member / Promotion