Hanze Hogeschool student Ayoub Saleh chosen as Commissioner Events II of KIVI Students. Read all about Ayoub and his vision for KIVI here.

Hi, My name is Ayoub Saleh, originally from Yemen, and it is an honor to be a member of the KIVI student board.

Engineers who make a significant impact on their areas have always piqued my interest, so I decided to pursue a career in engineering. I began my adventure at EMU University, where I studied mechatronics engineering and gained a broad understanding of basic and general engineering concepts. But I was striving for more. So I applied to join the Aquabotics team, which was working on a self-driving underwater vehicle for an international competition. Currently, I am studying Mechanical engineering at Hanze university of applied sciences in Groningen. And in February I will start the Honours Programme at Hanze Uni, where I will work on a multidisciplinairy project with students from various departments.

I believe that the best solutions emerge from bringing together people with diverse perspectives, so my goal as a board member is to bring together international and national students and create an environment where they can exchange ideas and cooperate on common challenges to find better solutions.