KIVI Students is urgently looking for a webmaster to maintain online activities. Looking for administrative skills to add to your CV? Click here for more info and to check whether you are a good fit for KIVI Students.

So you are looking for a new challenge and a way to stand out with your resume after your studies? But do you have what it takes to be a successful webmaster?

The webmaster is responsible for taking care of the KIVI Students website and other online activities. This means we are looking for a board member who knows his/her way with IT and has strong creative and communiation skills. We are looking for someone with the following skills:

Set up meetings: Teams, Zoom, Jitsy? It's your call. You know exactly how many participants each platform can handle.

Maintain the KIVI Students website: you like to keep a clean and clear website to bring your message across. You like to experiment with layout and text to make your website a delight to read.

Advising: you can advise the board how to stand out on the world wide web.


Is this your calling? Contact for more information!