3D Printing is vastly maturing within automotive and aerospace industries. In the maritime and offshore industry, where components are typically characterized by their large dimensions and weights, 3D printing developments are taking place.
Huisman Equipment has agreed to present an Online Lunch Lecture on 07-MAY-2020 at 12:30 on this subject. Eric Romeijn, head of R&D at Huisman Equipment, will talk to you about their findings regarding 3D printing in a 20 minute presentation. This Online Lunch Lecture is an alternative to the KIVI OT activity that was planned to take place on 16-APR-2020 in Schiedam, but was cancelled due to COVID-19 precautions.

Joining the online lecture
KIVI OT members are warmly welcomed to join this online presentation! Please use the red button on the top right page to register, using your KIVI account. At Wednesday evening (06-MAY-2020) we will e-mail you the meeting link, which can be opened via Microsoft Teams or webbrowsers Microsoft Edge/Google Chrome. Unfortunately this event is not available for non-KIVI members.

Practical considerations
Please consider the following in preparation of the meeting:
•    Duration is approximately 15-20 minutes for presentation, and 10-15 minutes for questions
•    To be able to join, please make sure you have either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome installed, or Microsoft Teams
•    Questions can be posed in the chat window during the lecture itself
•    A moderator will collect/combine/select questions from the chat window and pose them to the presenter at the end
•    You are kindly requested to mute your microphone during the event, and to refrain from recording the lecture