Download the presentations:
- Floating Offshore Wind Turbines. Designing for commercial scale (Fons Huijs)
- Float4Wind. Technology and execution (Maurits Ornstein)
- Shell Floating Wind (Stephane Cicolella)

Shell, GustoMSC and SBM Offshore will present their solutions and role in the floating wind market.

To allow the generation of wind energy in deeper water, several floating wind turbine solutions have been developed over the last years. Some of these concepts have already been matured into full scale pilot projects with floating wind units being built, installed and operating. Three Dutch companies are involved in the development of Floating wind solutions; Gusto MSC as designer and potential component supplier, Shell as floating wind park operator and SBM Offshore as EPCI solutions provider for floating wind parks with their own proprietary TLP design.

Each company will give a short presentation of their floating wind technical solution, the current status of development and their views on the future of floating wind followed by a panel discussion in which questions of the participants will be answered and discussed.

Speakers: Fons Huijs (GustoMSc/NOV), Stephane Cicolella (Shell) and Maurits Ornstein (SBM Offshore)