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KIVI is the professional association of engineers in the Netherlands. The almost 175-year-old association has 18,000 members, all of whom have completed a university or university of applied sciences degree in technology. From students to retirees and from Mechanical engineering to ICT: 38 or more study fields and specializations. With the latest knowledge and with a lot of experience.

The corona crisis hits the world and the Netherlands hard. Many countries are locked down, the economy is stagnating and the medical sector is working overtime for our health. If the crisis continues for several weeks and continues to grow, shortages or technical problems may arise. Not only because of a higher demand for known products such as mouth masks, but also because of the need for possible new products or other applications..

A large number of engineers in our professional association with 18,000 members are eager to help solve urgent problems with their knowledge and commitment. Other technical specialists have also offered their help. They always have the necessary technical knowledge. Sometimes they have specialized equipment or their company supports it. From sterile 3D printing to transport equipment, and from ICT to medical technology. 
Are you an expert and willing to help? Sign up via the link at the top of this page.

If your organization in the vital sector is in trouble during the corona crisis, we can try to find highly technically trained help. Engineers with the right technical knowledge, or perhaps a specialized company in which the necessary solution can be devised or made.

Are you such an organization in the vital sector and do you need help? Enter your help request via this link (in Dutch).
Our team will get to work as soon as possible to solve your question.

The coordinators and supporters use their own email address. That is almost never a address. To ensure that you do not get any fake responses, they will literally copy the text you enter as the subject of your question.

Can't figure it out? Mail
Please only if it is really necessary, to avoid mail traffic jams.

Fine print (unfortunately):

  • Always adhere to the up to date corona protocol!
    Keep distance, wash hands, use paper tissues, etc.
  • It is not certain that we will find a match and / or that the engineer or company found can solve your question. Our team of coordinators searches and selects as best as possible, but that is no guarantee for success.
  • We mediate and try to put you in touch with the engineers or companies that can help you find a solution.
  • You must make agreements with the auxiliary engineers or companies yourself. Brief advice is likely to be free, but extensive company deployment, design, or production is likely not. Any knowledge transferred remains the property of the provider.
  • For this assistance we provide names, email addresses, specialization and possibly telephone numbers. This information may only be used for the purpose of this coronavirus action.
  • The association is not liable for the content or results of any advice or support.
  • We cancel questions that we do not know an answer to. Inappropriate questions will be removed without consultation!
  • We are still learning and coordinating how this should work. This page and other information about this promotion changes regularly.

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