AI; Autonomous Driving
23 juni 2022
19:15 uur - 21:30 uur

AI Autonomous Driving

As KIVI International Engineers, we are thrilled to host you at our upcoming event about the AI technologies in Autonomous Driving. Dr. Ayush Jain from 2getthere will give a presentation about Safety Assessment Framework for NN-based Driver Advisor under Faulty Sensor Measurements and Dr. Debargha Dey from Eindhoven University of Technology will talk about External Communication for Automated Vehicles: on facilitating interactions between self-driving cars and other road users. The interactive event will be followed by networking drinks. Interested? Join us!

KIE Zuid-Holland
Twente Centre for Advances Battery Technology
15 juni 2022
13:30 uur - 17:00 uur

Look back at the Seminar Energystorage and Conversion - Developments and Innovations on June 15th

What is the status of batteries? But also what does the future look like for batteries and conversion systems? What is the role of advanced power conversion in battery electrification?

EL Overijssel
4 t/m 5 juni 2022

Maker Faire Delft

It will be an unforgettable makers’ festival. After issuing a call for makers to register via the Call for Makers, the organisers of the fair, TU Delft Science Centre and X TU Delft, were blown away by the enthusiasm and registrations of (Delft) creative spirits. It’s the best proof possible that Maker Faire is a festival that belongs in the tech city of Delft.

18 mei 2022
19:00 uur - 20:00 uur

Induced Seismicity due to Gas Extraction: Dynamic Analyses for Retrofitting at Groningen

In this evening talk, three engineers from both industry and academia will provide insights into the structural damages observed at the Groningen province and present case studies of dynamic numerical analyses for structural assessment and retrofitting. This event has been organized by Young SECED, in collaboration with the IStructE London YMG and Young KIVI Engineers.

YKE Zuid-Holland
Online business
12 mei 2022
19:15 uur - 21:00 uur

Growing an online business from zero to six figures

Are you interested in starting or scaling up your own business? Would you like to hear a success story with insights by an inspiring entrepreneur? Please join the upcoming KIE session about growing an online business. Matteo Manferdini is the CEO of Pure Creek and he is going to give an interactive presentation about his entrepreneurship journey with useful tips. His speech will be followed by a Q&A and the event will be finalised by networking drinks and snacks to connect with each other.

KIE Zuid-Holland
26 april 2022
16:00 uur - 18:00 uur

Chartered Engineer: kwaliteitsmerk voor topingenieurs

Doel van de bijeenkomst is leden te informeren over de meerwaarde van het Chartership

CE Zuid-Holland