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The CrossWind joint venture between Shell and Eneco develops, builds and will operate – from their base in IJmuiden – the subsidy-free offshore Hollandse Kust Noord wind farm located 18.5 km west of Egmond aan Zee.
The wind farm is planned to be operational by the end of 2023 and will consist of 69 wind turbines on monopiles with an installed capacity of 759 MW, generating at least 3.3 TWh renewable energy per year.
The wind doesn’t always blow consistently. So how can a wind farm provide electricity when there is little wind? CrossWind and its partners are exploring five different innovations designed to address these challenges. Through these innovations, an offshore wind farm could be capable of providing more constant electricity regardless of the wind conditions.

  • Intelligent wind turbines
  • Addressing the wake effect
  • Combining with offshore solar
  • Storing energy – a 70th monopile has been installed to test the offshore storage of excess energy with batteries and Hydrogen production/storage
  • Further research & integration opportunities

After a brief introduction of the overall project, the lecturers will focus on these innovations.

The lecture will be presented in the English language.

Maria Kalogera is the Innovations Manager of CrossWind and has an Electrical Engineering background (MSc in Power Systems and Sustainable Energy Technologies from TU Delft). Since joining Shell, Maria has worked in mega projects (Prelude and Browse FLNG) and in offshore wind projects (Borssele 3,4 and CrossWind). Maria has an insatiable curiosity for emerging technologies, energy transition and finding solutions to tackle energy resource scarcity. In her current role, she is leading the Innovations Scope within the CrossWind Joint Venture.
Stephen Bremner is the Baseload Power Hub Package Lead of CrossWind. The foundation of his career is in Control and Automation supporting offshore Oil and Gas facilities as a Technical Authority. His recent career has expanded into Projects and Engineering (Pierce Depressurisation Project and Crosswind BLPH). Stephen is passionate about engineering, in particular collaboration and integration of new technologies to enable the energy transition. In his current role, he is the Package Lead for the Baseload Power Hub responsibly for the delivery and overall integration of the three primary technologies, battery storage system, electrolyser and fuel cell.



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