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Embedded Systems
26 t/m 28 september 2023

Electronics & Applications 2023

We zitten inmiddels volop in de zomer, maar Electronics & Applications 2023 komt snel dichterbij! Van 26 tot en met 28 september zal E&A op de beursvloer van de Jaarbeurs uitpakken met ruim 130 exposanten. Daarnaast behandelt het seminarprogramma een breed aantal actuele onderwerpen. Tijdens Electronics & Applications 2023 ontmoet je niet alleen exposanten, maar kun je ook gratis deelnemen aan seminars en projecten. Het programma behandelt actuele thema's die je praktische oplossingen bieden voor jouw vraagstukken.

EL Utrecht
2023-10-04 5GAA Evaluation of Radio-Based Positioning Enhancements for Automotive Use Cases
4 oktober 2023
16:00 uur - 17:00 uur

5GAA Evaluation of Radio-Based Positioning Enhancements for Automotive Use Cases

The 5G Automotive Association is pleased to invite you to our online session on the “Evaluation of Radio-Based Positioning Enhancements for…

TC Outside The Netherlands
De uiterste inschrijfdatum is 2 oktober 2023
5 oktober 2023
18:00 uur - 21:30 uur

Review Radio Science (URSI GASS 2023)

On October 5 the NUC-URSI and the KIVI-Department of Telecommunications invite you to a theme evening on the developments of Radio Science in the Netherlands. The presentations are earlier shown at the URSI GASS 2023 XXXVth General Assembly and Scientific Symposium of The International Union of Radio Science.

TC Utrecht
19 oktober 2023
10:00 uur - 17:00 uur

Eindhoven Engine Festival of Disruption

Festival of Disruption is an innovation festival, packed with interactive workshops, pitches and networking opportunities! This year we will kick off with Floris Alkemade, architect and urban designer. He will deliver a keynote on the transformative changes needed to address complex issues such as climate change, aging, and energy transition in the Netherlands. He emphasizes the importance of changing our way of life and choices to ensure a sustainable future.

RZN Noord-Brabant
25 oktober 2023
09:15 uur - 17:00 uur

Center for Wireless Technology Eindhoven (CWTe) 2023 Research Retreat

The yearly CWTe 2023 has organized the 14th Center for Wireless Technology Eindhoven (CWTe) “Research Retreat” symposium on wireless technology. You will be updated on new wireless developments and trends, and you will be able to network with other professionals in wireless technology.

TC Noord-Brabant
Photo High tech Campus 31
26 oktober 2023
15:30 uur - 18:00 uur

Health Resarch at Imec in Eindhoven

Visit of KIVI Electrical Engineering section and KIVI Region-south to Imec at Holst Centre in Eindhoven.

EL Noord-Brabant
2 november 2023
09:00 uur - 17:00 uur

AI Summit Brainport

The theme for this event Human-Centered AI: Balancing Technology and Humanity. Human-Centered AI refers to the alignment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems with human values and goals. The program will contain four interesting tracks: research, expert, adoption and start-up track. Everyone interested in or working on this theme is warmly invited to join.

RZN Noord-Brabant
Logo Preciesiebeurs 2023
Embedded Systems
15 t/m 16 november 2023

Precision Fair 2023

Precision technology has rapidly evolved into the stable foundation of many devices and components around us. It is no wonder that precision technology forms one of the pillars of the Dutch knowledge and innovation economy. However, the limit has not yet been reached. Meeting, collaborating, and sharing knowledge are indispensable to keep up with rapid technological advancements. For 21 editions, the Precision Fair has brought together the entire value chain to collaborate on the next generation of technological innovations

EL Noord-Brabant
16 november 2023
09:30 uur - 16:30 uur

IT Infra

Het IT Infra event vindt dit jaar plaats op donderdag 16 november in 1931 Congrescentrum te 's-Hertogenbosch. Zet de datum alvast in je agenda, zodat je deze interessante dag niet mist! De vorige editie van het event was een groot succes. Geniet hieronder nog even na van deze bruisende dag. Dus houd 16 november vast vrij in je agenda en stay tuned!

EL Noord-Brabant