Corona vrijwilliger
18 maart t/m 31 augustus 2020

KIVI ingenieurs helpen bij coronacrisis

Vrijwilligers gezocht voor oplossingen bij technische- en schaarste problemen in de vitale sector door de Corona crisis

HB Zuid-Holland
Stella Vie Car
Energy supply and distribution
29 oktober 2020
16:00 uur - 18:30 uur

Interflex: Grid, batteries, PV and electric cars combined to prevent congestion

Distribution system operators are investigating methods to facilitate a high penetration of distributed energy resources while maintaining network reliability and stability. Testing and demonstrating those methods is the goal of the Interflex project. It is an H2020 project in 6 EU countries. Enexis is in the lead of Dutch part. A demonstrator has been realized at the living-lab of Strijp-S (Eindhoven) to show congestion management.

EL Noord-Brabant