Offshore Technology Education in the Netherlands

As Offshore Technology department, we aim to connect students to all aspects of the offshore working field already during their studies. We therefore actively engage with offshore-related educational programs across the Netherlands.

Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands offer various offshore engineering-related minors (a six month educational module). Examples include “Waterwold: The Energy Transition at Sea” and “Offshore & Constructions” at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Rotterdam), and “Offshore Renewable Energy” at HZ University of Applied Sciences. Within the KIVI OT department, students are represented by the president of study association UNFC, who occupies a permanent position in the board.

At Delft University of Technology, the two-year MSc program “Offshore and Dredging Engineering” has been offered since 2004. Students from TU Delft are represented in KIVI OT by the president of the study association Dispuut Offshore Technologie (DOT) who holds a permanent position in the board. As from 2022 there is also the option to study offshore structures with the MSc program of Civil Engineering as part of the track "Hydraulic and Offshore Structures".

Students enrolled in an offshore-related educational program or students who are otherwise interested in offshore subjects are welcome to join the KIVI OT network of offshore enthusiasts, and are offered their first year of membership for free. Interested? Contact us

KIVI OT Best graduate awards

KIVI Offshore Technology organizes an annual competition for the best graduate on a topic related to offshore engineering. This is done in collaboration with the universities of applied science and TU Delft. With these awards we aim to:

  1. Emphasize the importance of Offshore and Dredging engineering related research which is conducted as part of graduation projects or minors.
  2. To inform the industry and society about the results of these projects.
  3. To stimulate students to graduate on a topic related to offshore technology or to choose for a minor in this field.
  4. To establish and strengthen the connection between students and KIVI.

The awards are handed out in conjunction with a lecture or symposium organized by KIVI OT. During the award ceremony the winners present their work to the OT community.Past winners of the best graduate in offshore technology – award

Past winners of the award for the best graduate in offshore technology


 Universities of Applied Sciences

 TU Delft


Ing. Nick de Ruiter

Initial Wave Loads

Ir. Jeffrey Hoek

Dynamic ice-structure interaction for jacket substructures


Ing. Stijn Bot

Optimising of world's largest HTV

Ir. Dion Koreman

Two-dimensional ice-structure interaction for offshore wind turbines


Ing. Jelle van der Leer

Single Blade Installation for Large Wind Turbines

Ir. Sara van Hoogstraten

The Macro-Element Method for Integrated Analyses of Offshore Wind Turbines


Ing. Bas Slingerland

Ramp-Taut Wire System

Ir. Olivier Baas

Nonlinear behaviour of ferromagnetic steel.


Ing. Sam de Bode

Conceptual Design of a Jacket Suspension System

Ir. Hugo Romer

Wire & Arc additive manufacturign for offshore appliances


Ing. Jetze Elzinga

Ontwikkeling Advanced Taut Wire

Ir. Robbin Motzheim

Vibration Impact Cutting of Submerged Frozen Clay in An Arctic Trenching Process



Ir. Jan-Willem van Dongen

Swab pressure due to cone pop-out



Ir. Arjan Schipaanboord

Controlled Ice Growth in the Ballast Tanks of the Arctic S



Ir. Achilleas Mina

Modeling the vortex-induced vibrations of a multi-span free standing riser



Ir. Chris Keijdener

Dynamics of JBF Arctic Drilling Unit Moored in Ice



Ir. Arnoud Verschelde

Erosion Behaviour of a Draghead