The Offshore Technology Section of the Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI) decided that their 50th anniversary in 2019 would be an excellent opportunity to produce a Jubilee Book. The Jubilee Book is intended to sketch the position and role of the Dutch Offshore Engineer and Technology in the worldwide offshore scene, centered about today. History, today’s reality and future scenarios will be presented and discussed, with facts, feelings and perceptions of real engineers in a dynamic world.

This Jubilee Book will therefore not only be of interest for the “hard-core” technical expert, but also for readers interested in people and what moves them to be part of the Dutch Offshore Technology society. Today, initiated by the realities of energy transition in the worldwide society, also other methods of energy harvesting from the sea, like offshore wind power, wave energy, (tidal) current driven energy production and OTEC, have sparked the interest of offshore engineers.

KIVI Offshore Technology (OT) plans to issue the Book in 2019 as part of anniversary activities, during a special event. KIVI OT has requested support from Dutch offshore related companies in the form of young professionals who each contribute to a section of the book. The target audience will be: KIVI members, participating companies, and any member of the Dutch and international offshore community. The book will cover history, present and foremost the future of the Dutch offshore industry and the interesting developments relating to the ongoing energy transition.

At this moment the outline of the book is defined, teams of Young professionals have been formed which are together creating the Offshore Technology Book.

If you have ideas about Dutch Offshore Technology of the past, present or future that should be included in the book, or if you are a young professional active in the Offshore industry and would like to contribute to the creation of the KIVI Offshore Technology book, then please contact the KIVI OT section via email:

More information: 50 Years Offshore Technology Jubilee Book