Pneumatic sinking 2.0

B.J. Admiraal, Geotechniek Special ECSMGE, juni 2019, pagina 5

The New Kattwyk Bridge in Hamburg is currently being realised. A special construction method was chosen for the realisation of the river piers. The pneumatic sinking technique, among other specialties, was used in relation to this. This article discussed the implementation concept for the river piers, the development of sinking in a remotely controlled manner and the expected and unexpected challenges that must be resolved during implementation. Volledige artikel

Machine learning for forecasting rainfall-induced landslides

F.S. Tehrani, G. Santinelli, M. Herrera, Geotechniek Special ECSMGE, juni 2019, pagina 14

A system that is able to predict landslides and issues warnings in a timely manner is very appealing. It is widely accepted that precipitation is one of the most influential factors for triggering landslides. In this article the results of a practical research study at Deltares are presented. A framework was set up which combines geo-engineering, remote sensing and hydrology with Machine Learning (ML) to predict the onset of landslides under the effect of precipitation. Volledige artikel

Pile Pushing Method. The best of both worlds

S. Katerberg, H. Dieteren, G. Meinhardt, T. Tekofsky, Geotechniek Special ECSMGE, juni 2019, pagina 18

The pile pushing method pushes concrete piles into the ground, which results in proven high-quality foundations that are installed without the usual noise and vibrations. Thanks to continuous recording of data, the pile pushing method offers excellent opportunities for quality improvement or responsible application of safety factors. Volledige artikel

It is warmer, but are our road embankments still safe?

M.L. Taccari, V. Galavi, F.S. Tehrani, A. Elkadi, Geotechniek Special ECSMGE, juni 2019, pagina 2

In this article a method is provided to estimate the effect of climate change on the geotechnical stability of road embankments. The authors also looked at how the development of soil desiccation cracks, after prolonged periods of drought, effect the stability of the road embankment. Volledige artikel